Electric powering

Are you looking to remotorize an existing craft, and consider replacing the combustion engine by either a fully electric, or a hybrid powering solution ? We can supply you with the necessary advice based on our experience. We design solutions that can outperforms your existing configuration with the additional comfort of electric propulsion. We have the necessary equipment to measure the torque your engine delivers today, and customize an electric propulsion that delivers exactly the same, if not more.

Hybrid Propulsion

The hybrid solution has its benefit if your design brief asks for high-speed/long-distance capabilities and at the same time requires the craft to cruise at moderate speed without the discomfort of exhaust fumes and vibration from your diesel engine.

Purely Electric Propulsion

Thanks to recent developments in the battery-technology, the purely electrical re-motorization of your craft is getting more interesting every day. This is particularly the case for slow to medium speed applications.

The Grove Boats Technical team will be happy to help you to find the perfect propulsion for your craft! Don't hesitate to get in contact with us for further information.



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